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Many, many gratitudes to all who have followed my posts over the last year.  I have come full circle.  Like the potent Super – Moon, on Saturday night, there is completion.  I have prayed about it, and I am to end my journey here.  I am open to The Great Mystery and have total trust I am to be shown where the next step with self-expression will be.

If you want to contact me, my email will be healingoneself(at)gmail(dot)com for now.  All attachements or cords to this site will be severed after a small period of time.  I would like for the readers to have a few days to read my final post of Gratitude and Goodbye.

I plant the tiny seed of humility that if we are to meet again, it will be.

All is well.


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I have come to learn alot about intuitive teaching and learning.  Of course, there is MUCH for me to learn, when mixing with Community.  In my sacred container, called home, we are safe and warm and happy and well fed, with breezes coming through the windows.  There is plenty of room for us to unfold.  In these moments we are able to learn.  Many, many times for children, from birth to around seven years old, we find ourselves as parents repeating our actions and words to the little people.  Parents are advised to have much patience and support in these years, as it can set the tone for the next 7 year cycle of the childs life.  Do not take many things young children say personal, but listen to them.  Make sure they have plenty of rest and a moderation of playing, laughing, imitating, imagining, nature and spirituality.  Actually, give me a dose of that too.  Ebb and flow.

Once children reach around 7 years of age, or in the transitioning time beforehand, they will begin to really test their owns theories in life.  They will begin to be more Self ~ Conscious.  Aware.  Becoming more self-aware means more analytical time.  Less time will be spent in Wonder.  So as a parent and a guardian of the little ones I find protecting these Early Years a large task of mine.  The only way for me to do it, is to give my children space, so I can Witness and watch Creator at work.  They are to be taught and guided in the Ways of your Walk, but most imortantly given the space, so that we may surround them with teachable moments in love and compassion.  Just as the Ancestors surround us every day, and if we are listening, we receive teachable moments and messages.  Let us mend the sacred hoop beginning with our children.



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You are in for a picture-rich post.  If you want more information on this Maple Syrup Festival, please visit here.  For homeschool or enrichment communities there seems to be a unit study on this very topic, right on the website.  My kids are not old enough to go into that amount of detail.  Also, click on the pictures that tell a story to enlarge and read.  Enjoy! 

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Here we go nature enthusiasts!  The perfect activity to do this spring with your children, or for yourself.  How can you get in rhythm with the seasons of the year?  By watching nature; the animals and plants that inhabit where you live!  We have already begun our project of watching the Eastern Pine and Juniper (Red Cedar) in its winter phase!  Please see our Trees in Winter post .  I believe we are gonna pick the red-tailed hawk to follow through the year, as well.  It (boy or girl?) has a nest in our back yard.  We have gotten out the telescope to search into its nest.  But, it is going to take more time and patience on our part to discover more.  There are two trees with large nests very close together.  We are unsure who is in this other nest.  We love a great mystery though!  We also have some medicinal herbs we plan to keep a close eye on, in their transformation.

If you are an adult or kid that likes scientific investigation, and wouldn’t mind serving your Community, see the link, Citizen Scientist.  If your child would like to follow a story, and discover more about nature, click BudBurst Buddies!

Citizen Scientists

BudBurst Buddies

“Project BudBurst is a national phenology and climate change field campaign that uses scientifically approved protocols to collect data that is freely available for use by scientists and educators.”


Spring Verse

In the heart of a seed,

Buried ever so deep

A dear little plant,

Lay fast asleep.


“Wake” said the sun

And come to the light.

“Wake” said the voices

Of raindrops so bright.


The little plant heard,

And pushed through the soil to see.

What wonders and beauty,

Of the world might there be.

(Source: Donna Simmons, Christopherus, Joyful Movement)

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It felt great to sit comfortably outside this afternoon and watch the boys practice archery.  We have come full circle with this activity.  Last year at Maple Syrup Festival, in Southern Indiana, we got a good taste of the traditional long bow.  I bought a beautiful 50 pound long bow from a super nice guy, whom I met at the Festival.  Within a short amount of time we had bows for the boys as well.  Although both boys started out with kiddy-safe bows, meaning they had foam ends.  Now they are both using regular arrows, without broadheads ofcourse.  We are not hunting, just target practice.   We were able to participate in a shoot last Spring, in Southern Indiana, at a Sportsman’s Club.  We all walked around a large lake and shot at targets.  Deers, elks, aligators, bears and all kinds of unique targets.  It was very good exercise and a lot of fun.  An adventure!

The family decided to get some practice in today, because we are heading out to Maple Syrup Festival next weekend!  They will have an archery shoot, cross-cut sawing, hachet throwing and a nature scavenger hunt.  We are SOOO excited.  There will also be demonstations of maple syrup processing in a native american way, pioneering way and modern way.  And in the end we will pick up our maple syrup for the year.  We have been out for a while, and have missed our waffles and pancakes.  What we bought last year only lasted 6 months.  This time we know how much to get.  We will also get to dip candles in the kids activity house, where they have several things for the kids to do.  I also wanted to note how baby-friendly these people are.  They had a baby changing station, in a small building, with a curtain.  I thought that was VERY thoughtful.  Here is a link to the festival site.  I know for homeschoolers they offer unit studies on maple syrup information, coloring pages and a list of books to read.

In the slideshow, River was showing off his Kung-Fu skills.  Yaaa!  Also I wanted to mention we were out of straw bales as targets, so dad set up some boogie board targets, the skull and cross bones, the dragon and the fire target.  This made for an interesting shoot.  Thanks for your ingenuity Dad!



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Don’t forget to get outdoors in this beautiful weather and count the birds.  All you need is 15 minutes!   We took a tray of snacks, crayons and paper, and a pair of binoculars for each person.  What a great day!  The kids observation skills are most definitely improving.  We revere our backyard friends, that is why we count them and participate.  We hold sacred their place among us.

Here are a few pictures of our time today.   Check out the birds nest.  They brushed Kiva Dog and added her hair to the nest, with mud, grass and sticks.  That is a wooden play egg in the nest.   Pretty cool.

Yes, a post on Reverence has yet to come!  Stay tuned.

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http://www.birdsource.org/gbbc/ ~ Click this link to access information on the Great Backyard Bird Count.

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