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You are in for a picture-rich post.  If you want more information on this Maple Syrup Festival, please visit here.  For homeschool or enrichment communities there seems to be a unit study on this very topic, right on the website.  My kids are not old enough to go into that amount of detail.  Also, click on the pictures that tell a story to enlarge and read.  Enjoy! 


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It felt great to sit comfortably outside this afternoon and watch the boys practice archery.  We have come full circle with this activity.  Last year at Maple Syrup Festival, in Southern Indiana, we got a good taste of the traditional long bow.  I bought a beautiful 50 pound long bow from a super nice guy, whom I met at the Festival.  Within a short amount of time we had bows for the boys as well.  Although both boys started out with kiddy-safe bows, meaning they had foam ends.  Now they are both using regular arrows, without broadheads ofcourse.  We are not hunting, just target practice.   We were able to participate in a shoot last Spring, in Southern Indiana, at a Sportsman’s Club.  We all walked around a large lake and shot at targets.  Deers, elks, aligators, bears and all kinds of unique targets.  It was very good exercise and a lot of fun.  An adventure!

The family decided to get some practice in today, because we are heading out to Maple Syrup Festival next weekend!  They will have an archery shoot, cross-cut sawing, hachet throwing and a nature scavenger hunt.  We are SOOO excited.  There will also be demonstations of maple syrup processing in a native american way, pioneering way and modern way.  And in the end we will pick up our maple syrup for the year.  We have been out for a while, and have missed our waffles and pancakes.  What we bought last year only lasted 6 months.  This time we know how much to get.  We will also get to dip candles in the kids activity house, where they have several things for the kids to do.  I also wanted to note how baby-friendly these people are.  They had a baby changing station, in a small building, with a curtain.  I thought that was VERY thoughtful.  Here is a link to the festival site.  I know for homeschoolers they offer unit studies on maple syrup information, coloring pages and a list of books to read.

In the slideshow, River was showing off his Kung-Fu skills.  Yaaa!  Also I wanted to mention we were out of straw bales as targets, so dad set up some boogie board targets, the skull and cross bones, the dragon and the fire target.  This made for an interesting shoot.  Thanks for your ingenuity Dad!



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Right on Target!

Yesterday was our first annual trip to the Maple Syrup Festival.  I found out about it within the Homeschool Community.  It was so much fun!  I recommend it for all families.  It was really hard to know where to start.  Wolfsion was just so excited he hardly wanted to stay with us as a group.  It was a good lesson for him and I.  I took the opportunity yesterday on the way home to explain even though there are soo many exciting things to do, we must stay together as a family and move around to experience the fun together.

Native American Demonstration

We checked out the Native American way to process Maple Syrup as soon as we got there.  That was our first focus, and the details were really cool.  The demonstrators were also cooking buffalo meat with hot stones and boiling water.  Some of the wooden cooking accessories were impressive.  I thought the woman’s outfit was cool, but the wool gaters on the guy were sweet!

There were the usual vendors of ceramics, maple everything, and trinkets.  We checked out the maple cream and maple candy samples.  I knew I was there to buy syrup and now I added the cream to my list.  The boys entered a scanvenger hunt, in order to win a bag of maple cotton candy.  We were well on our way to collecting leaves, stones, hickory nuts, and strings located in particular spots.  Each location gave teachings on the maple syrup process. 

Cross-Cut Saw Counseling

The first event that we participated in was cross-cut sawing.  We sawed off as a husband and wife team.  It was interesting and ladies I am telling you, this was an interesting peak into marriage counseling.  You could tell alot about a couple who cross-cut saws.  What was most rewarding was the branding of the Maple Leaf into our cut pieces.

Inside the Modern Maple Syrup Processing Building

And here we take you into the modern building where the Maple Syrup is truly processed for Sugarbush Farms.  There was a nice smell as we “dined” next to the processor.  Sitting there warmed us while we rested for the next adventure.  Kids under 5 ate FREE! 


Next, after eating we headed into a little building to dip candles.  There was one long wick that we held with a wooden stick.  Each end draped on both sides, which enabled us to make two candles at once!  I would like to try this at home, but I hope to use soy, instead of pertoleum-based wax.

Mama accepting Ladies Challenge Award!

And, as you can see by the picture I accepted an award.  My man tribe was really proud.  I probably put up $5 for two rounds.  6 arrows, with 3 counting toward my top score.  But, my top score could only be taken from either round.  I shot a 12 out of 15, which means I shot more in the middle of the target, than not.  Some call this instinctive shooting, especially since I did not own a bow prior.  This whole day has lead to my husband and I buying Wolfsion a youth bow and arrow set for his 5th birthday, and I am renting to own my very own traditional long bow.  I believe this activity will be wonderful for my family.  I know my sons and husband are excited!  We are starting an Earth Scouts (www.earthscouts.org) group with our family, and maybe a few additional folks who live near-ish to our country home.  Archery definitely will play some part.

See ya next year at the Maple Syrup Festival 2011!

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