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I dare you to pick up your baby or child and dance.  I dare you to grab your partner’s hand and swing around the room, chanting I LOVE YOU!
Get your movement on!

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Gung Hay Fat Choy everyone! (Wishing you happiness and fortune in your new year!)  I want to give you a link right off the bat.  Have your speakers and volume ready.  http://www.nancymusic.com/Gunghayplay.htm  
You will hear a song about Chinese New Year!   The song is perfectly calm and went right along with all the creative processes we were taking part in. 

When I first meditated on doing a block about Chinese New Year, my first instincts were to enter into the immediate Now.  I began cleaning my home.  I began sweeping out the old, and making room for the new.  We went through our clothes.  We went through our kitchen cabinets.  We went through our supplies, art and food.  Somehow I found myself living this process.  Then, I got to take a trip to San Antonio and really let go.  I thank Creator for arranging all this for me.

Upon returning we picked up our children.  They had spent the first couple days of February in a blizzard, up north, with Grandma.  My goal was to pick them up and ground in to our home.  Warmth, baking, soft music, aromatherapy, warm baths and beeswax candle dipping.  Transitioning from travel with children I have come to realized is an art form.  Especially if you are homeschooling.  And, even more so if you are presenting life to your children holistically.

The Story of the Chinese Zodiac (prints one page)


Here is a coloring page to go with the story.


Anything Chinese New Year here.  Look for the Rabbit though.


I had fun watercoloring a silhouette of the rabbit, along with the sign for double happiness.  I did notice Wolfsion writing on our foggy kitchen storm door the chinese symbol for Happiness.  He was inspired by a stone sculpture we have.  And, we made a paper chain of red and purple.  Here is a picture of us dipping the beeswax candles together.  Dad captured the moment.

I don’t know if you can see what I can see, but there’s magic in this picture.  The magic of the candle making in the background.  The secret, the chemistry.  And in the front, River is just full of Light.  Filled with magic.

Ok, I can show you the candles now.  We are so proud of our discoveries.  I mean aren’t we bringing light to our lives?  The cool thing about all of this is being creative and happy with the mundane.  That aspect of the journey is very hard.  It is the only way to joy though, because it is a part.

Our faithful bookmobile lady also brought us the book Chinese New Year~Cultural Holidays, by Katie Marsico.  I most like the circular illustration of the moon phases.  We discussed the celebration beginning on the new moon, and ending on the full moon.  Wolfsion has already expressed the moon phases in his drawings and sketches.

To explain, I use a soft approach with this information.  The kids have been around the wheel a few times, but they are slowly waking up.  At this point, I work with their observation aspect in a soft way.  I don’t delve too too deep yet.  However, they come to me with very deep and simple findings.  Today we painted each others faces after nap time.  For Samantha she was the perfect bunny-girl.  A super hero.  And River was doing his bunny hop.  Which makes me happy and I note his movement development.  Joyful Movement is the name of a curriculum resource I have by Christophorus.  I have just began to peek inside and really integrate more movement to assist with developement.  Everytime there is new movement or strength, there is an immediate transferrence to their waking up…the brain.  It is amazing being a Witness in this human pathway.  Ok, so here’s some little bunnies.  They are far happier than they look, they are only in fear of smearing their paint.  Ayla Bear, our beautiful black dog licked Samantha’s paint right off!

The Year of the Rabbit is our destiny this Chinese New Year.  We have a nice nature table set up with white silk fabric draped over wood chunks forming a den for our rabbits.  Wolfsion has been long friends with one rabbit, who goes by Bunny Rabbit Dance.  Well this is Bunny Rabbit Dance’s family.  We take care of them by checking their stores, and even adding a stone sculpture with the Chinese writing of Happiness.  Thanks Magic Man!  The boys great uncle gave that to us at our wedding.  I would show you a picture of this landscape, but Bunny Rabbit Dance and his family are off making tracks.  It is the wrong time of day, they aren’t home.

If you don’t mind e-books though, here’s the link. 


We enjoy different kinds of presentations, because our world is filled with many mediums.  In traveling, I like to expose the children to low/moderate amounts of things.  We do not over-expose tv, computers, or phones, but it very much is in this world.  I do believe I am protecting the boys senses, but also slowly opening them up to things that exist.  I can’t imagine traveling to Seattle, or Germany and the boys not having been exposed previously to any of those three categories.  Storytelling, free-play, crafts, music, baking, nature and community, with the thread of Spirit ,weave together the majority of what we are made of.

Have you ever thought you wanted one thing, but when you got there, you realized that you already possessed the truer sense of what you were searching for to begin with!?  If you like wonder, magic, dragons and faraway places then you will like the book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  I got it from a beautiful blog.  This lady is an awesome teacher and student of life.  There is much inspiratation here for the family in 2nd grade.  I realized after receiving this book from my AWESOME bookmobile lady, it would only be a preview for my eyes only.  The book is just not quite for Kindergartners.  I didn’t know that, but I am very glad I had the opportunity to read it myself.  Timing is everything.  I felt able to apply the story to my life in the Now.  I hope you get to read the story about Minli too.

“D” is for Dragon.

 In our journey we also watched a video of the Lion and Dragon dance.  We give Microsoft a shout out, because Uncle Thomas works there in Seattle, and we found this video by accident.


One of the funnest things we did though was sit at a low table on pillows.  The menu was fish and rice, chopstick style.  We happened to pick the chopsticks up in San Antonio, so the boys were happily suprised…perfect timing.  We decorated our table with a bright red tablecloth in honor of the celebration.  Nian the dragon would not be stopping by for dinner, but the Ancestors would, so we left a Spirit Plate out.  Our centerpiece was a dipped beeswax taper, set in sand.  And, there you have it.  We took about 3-ish weeks to move through all of this process.  Thanks for stopping by~

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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 Play it all the way through, and dance if you like.  We especially like the song, Home Is Wherever I Am With You.

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December has become about the experience and mood, not about how much we can buy. We have been trying to deepen the Christ-mas experience for our children. For example, participating in Advent through reading stories, and by using our new homemade Advent Calender. Also, by teaching them about slowing down this time of year, not creating more chaos through the holidaze. Tribally, we are about to move from the time of the Bear, to the time of the Buffalo.  Once Winter Solstice hits we will be moving back towards the Light of Spring.  Toward New Beginnings.  In the meantime, we shall experience a Winter Death, like Mother Earth.  She turns her energy inward, downward into the ground, into the roots.  Storing energy till the Light of Springtime returns, and we come outward again.  What will you let go of this Winter, that no longer serves you?  How will you birth yourself again in Spring?  This time is also about planning for planting our seeds, not just within our hearts, but in the soil of late Winter and early Spring.  Wonder how that planning will go for us?

Also, to honor enchantment, look at our new Faery-Snow Mobile in the slideshow, another way to celebrate the Season of Snow and Winter.  We think it will be magic enough to Call on lots of snow this winter. 

How do we set the tone? What are we listening to? Right now on Jango.com, Louis Armstrong is telling The Night Before Christmas, before that Ella Fitzgerlad sang Christmas Song.  Mary J. Blige, Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, The Jackson 5, City of Prague Philharmonic, The Drifters, Martina McBride, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder and so on. 

The kids are playing with their train set, and somewhere in their town a doula is Serving!  I overheard a pregnant mama was on her way to give birth.  I think it is so wonderful to hear such sweet imitations of real life.  Pay attention parents, kids really do absorb all of who you are and how you Walk.

Happy Holidays ya’ll!  I hope you have time to slow things down, snuggle and listen to some good tunes; be with family, close friends and remember what Gifts you already have.

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On the trees, and on the bushes,
on the mountains afar.
Tell me snowflakes do you come,
from where the Angels are?

-Traditional German Song
Sing A Song Of Seasons

by M. Theines Schunemann

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The song below, by Eduardo Agni, is dedicated to all those Walking the Walk and doing their Inner Work this Season. You are loved!
What are you mining for in your heart?
Happy meditating as you sit with this song.

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After re-watching artist Andy Goldsworthy videos, I could not help but seek further into the music behind the video. That is how things happen for me. Creator keeps laying one paver stone in front of the other, and guiding me on a magical path. I just have to watch where I am going!
I think my children will have a better understanding of classical guitar now, or whatever genius you wanna call this! This is free healing right here people, at least for several chakras, especially the lower/baser ones.
This video is of musician Eduardo Agni. Please feel free to turn up your volume and let his music resonate through your soul!
Be Well!

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Yup, we are catching up on rainfall for the year in a very short time. Somewhere I read almost 5 inches of water fall! So, what a better way to start the day by jumping in our beds. I have playlist.com jammin’ to a bunch of songs with the theme of freedom.  Once everyone channels their excess child energy, we will settle down for a bit of abc yoga.  Then, it’s juice and jazz.  We are gonna squeeze oranges and make our own juice with a little jazz playing.  Nothing like learning how and where things come from.  My hope is creating appreciation and reverence, even in the mundane aspects of life.  Right now we are hearing Freedom sounds, by Don Drummond.  Afterwards we will read two wonderful books.  The first is called Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Kerry Lee MacLean, and the second is called All I See Is Apart Of Me, by Chara M. Curtis.

What do you do on a rainy day?  Are you grateful for the rain replenishing and healing Mother Earth?  Do you make due, by having the best day you can?  Share with us!

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