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A nest is a home for a robin. (cup hands)

A hive is a home for a bee. (make a round form with both hands)

A hole is a home for a rabbit. (form a hole with both hands)

And a house is a home for me. (form a roof with hands over head)


(Source for verse:  Donna Simmons, Christopherus Joyful Movement)

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Recently I did a Stirring of the Seeds post.  I thought this verse of spring would be a nice follow up.  By the way, our seeds are sprouting, inward and outward.  How are yours doing?  Are you tending your intentions?


In the heart of a seed

Buried ever so deep

A dear little plant

Lay fast asleep


“Wake” said the sun

And come to the light

“Wake” said the voices

Of raindrops so bright


The little plant heard

And pushed through the soil to see

What wonders and beauty

Of the world might there be


(Source for Verse:  Donna Simmons, Christopherus Joyful Movement )

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One is the sun who shines above (gesture upward)

Two is the prince when he finds his love (cover heart with both hands)

The King, the Queen and their child are three (gesture to three people)

Four are the winds that blow to me (wave arms about)

Five am I with my limbs and head (gesture to each)

Six is the honeycomb I eat with bread (pretend to eat)

Seven are the stars that cross the sky (point out 7 stars)

Eight are the hours asleep I lie (lie down to sleep)

NOTE: I do hope the children are getting more than 8 hours of sleep, as we heal most and best while resting our physical bodies.  If you as an adult can get this much rest, you will be better for it.  Not to mention a small break or two during the day.  It is the practice of in and out breaths that make us flow in the river of life.

(Source for finger play:  Donna Simmons Christopherus Joyful Movement)

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Night is come

And the world is still

Stars shine down

On valley and hill


(Source for verse:  Donna Simmons Christopherus Joyful Movement)

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Good Morning Verse

In an attempt to add more rhythm and ritual to our day, we are learning more verses.  We want to have intention with our day, from the moment we awake.  Here is the first of several posts I will do to catch up on our intentions with words.  Some verses will be finger plays, some will be clapping games and some will be seasonal verses.  I really hope you enjoy them.

Day is breaking

The birds are waking

And calling the children

To wake from their dreams

(Source for verse: Donna Simmons Christopherus Joyful Movement)

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I am doing a little catching up, realizing I forgot to post what we did for letter “C”.  Letter “C” was apart of our Chinese New Year block.  We dipped candles and made the letter “C” craft.  The kids always think this is cool.  We are taking the candles they made and putting them on their bedside table.  In stepping up our rhythm and ritualizing aspects, we plan to light the candles right before the boys go to bed.  In this time, they will give gratitudes and say any prayers they wish.  I also have a prayer I have introduced.

Four Corners round my bed.

Four Angels round my head.

One to guard.

Two to pray.

One to keep the fears away.

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